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Two new canvases – free sample pack

Two new canvases – free sample pack

September 26, 2019

Once again, the Solution Canvas series has been enriched with two new canvases for inkjet printing.

We have introduced polyester-cotton canvases with a matte finish and a white, natural base color.

Solution Canvas can be used for reproduction of works of art, photo printing or any room decorations. The canvases are ideally suitable for stretch bars.

Solution Canvas POLYCOTTON MATT (280 gsm) Flax structured

Polyester-cotton canvas (70% polyester, 30% cotton) weight 280 gsm. Polycotton Matt 280 is characterized by a slight weave, imitating the structure of flax canvas.

Solution Canvas POLYCOTTON MATT (380 gsm)

Polyester cotton canvas (65% polyester 35% cotton) with a high weight of 380 gsm.

For those who want to learn more about our new canvases,
can order samples in A2 format for free,  to make your own test prints.

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