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About Falter

We are a Polish company founded in 1988. Coming from the photographic industry, today we mainly provide innovative and complete solutions in the field of ink jet printing.

The development of the company always took into account the changing needs and transformations of the photo industry. We strive to find new challenges and meet the customer’s expectations with our activities.

We achieve this goal by offering the possibility of choosing from a wide range of products, especially printing consumables – our brand SOLUTION, is already well-established on the European market and is appreciated by a whole range of users, we also offer additional services on our Solution products like the possibility to prepare them for individual needs, according to the customer’s wishes – as a Private Brand.


Customer care

Customer satisfaction and continuous work on maintaining good relationships is our main priority.



We have been on the photo industry since 1988. The experience gathered by this time makes us professionals on the photo market.


Service quality

We provide the best quality services and goods. Speed ​​and accuracy are one of our priorities.

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+48 663 970 221
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Falter Sp. z o.o.
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phone: +48 663 970 221
email: office@falter.eu