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Hahnemühle Student Photo Competition

Hahnemühle Student Photo Competition

January 30, 2019

Hahnemühle announced first photo competition which is specially designed for photography students.

No matter what their individual style and focus is, all enrolled photography students have the chance to take part and submit a series of five images.
The choice of theme is left entirely up to students.

During the competition, students of photography will receive a 10% discount on Hahnemuhle papers at the Inkjetsolution.eu.

About the competition

The competition consists of two rounds. In the first round, the jury selects 50 finalists from among all the online entries.
In the second and final round, the 50 finalists will submit their photo series printed on Hahnemühle paper.
To make choosing the paper easier, every finalist will receive a set of Hahnemühle sample packs.
This means that every participant in the final round has the opportunity to choose the paper that best suits their own photo series.
Hahnemühle give each finalist a box of 25 A3+ sheets of chosen paper.

The Jury

We have assembled an internationally renowned jury, made up of photographers, curators, gallerists and other experienced photo industry experts, who will evaluate the photo series from a professional perspective according to the following criteria:

  • artistic quality: composition, creativity and visual persuasiveness
  • technical quality: technical/practical implementation
  • quality of content: congruence between the concepts and visual implementation

In the coming weeks, we will gradually reveal the judges on Hahnemühle website.

How to take part…

It’s easy to take part with Hahnemühle upload portal.
The students just need to upload their photo series, fill out all the required information, accept the terms and conditions and submit.
Submission period starts 1 March 2019 and ends 30 April 2019.

It’s worth taking part!

The top three finalists will receive a cash prize of EUR 1,500 for first place, EUR 1,000 for second place and EUR 500 for third place. The prize money is intended to further promote and financially support the student’s photography work.

As a special highlight, the winning photo series will be displayed at the Hahnemühle booth at Photokina 2020 and exhibited at the gallery “Eisfabrik” in Hanover for six weeks.

Further information are available on Hahnemühle homepage.

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