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Two more Hahnemühle Certified Studios in Poland

Two more Hahnemühle Certified Studios in Poland

January 15, 2020

We are proud to announce that on January 14th. 2020, Hahnemühle FineArt, the world leader in the art paper market, officially admitted to the group of Hahnemühle Certified Studio two photo studios from Poland: book&art and QPrint sp.z o.o. from Warsaw. Certificates were presented by representatives of Hahnemühle FineArt, Stefan Neumann and Michael Tritschler.

This big distinction means that the studios meet stringent requirements in the field of maintaining high printing standards, starting with the paper and inks used, through fineart printers, using colormanagement, and ending with the guarantee of print archivality.


Michał Jaworski
Podgórska 3 , 02-921 Warsaw
Phone: +48607221321, Email: michal@bookandart.pl
Website: bookandart.pl

QPrint sp. z o.o.

Jakub Kuran
Parafialna 2, 01-222 Warsaw
Phone: +48222113211, Email: j.kuran@qprint.com.pl
Website: www.qprint.com.pl

Earlier, two other studies from Poland received this great distinction: CMC Photo from Wroclaw and the Lablab Foundation from Krakow. Company details can be checked on the Hahnemühle FineArt official website.

Certified Studios supported by Hahnemühle

The Hahnemühle Certified Studio program is created to support professional print providers to achieve and maintain excellence in art reproduction, digital art and photographs.

Criteria for Certification

The following points will give you a short overview:

  • advanced education level with regard to archivability / longevity
  • competence in FineArt Inkjet Printing Workflow
  • fully Implementation of the Colourmanagement Workflow
  • standardized light colour matching conditions
  • softproof-Possibilities
  • knowledge of the non-destructive image processing
  • proper usage of stated fine art inkjet printers
  • usage of Hahnemühle FineArt media

Benefits of being a Certified Studio

  • Second Level Support
  • Training and Workshops
  • Profiling service from Hahnemühle FineArt
  • First-hand product information

Benefits of being a Customer of a Certified Studio

  • Consistent quality in all production steps
  • Assured archivability of all prints
  • Reproducible consistent print quality
  • Trained employees

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