Protect the environment - Do not throw away cartridges!


We inform that for the time being, the purchase of cartridges by the Falter company has been suspended.

We believe in a better tomorrow...

Many European countries has a continuous increase in the demand for materials and products made of plastic.

Unfortunately the consequence is a growing problem of disposable packaging. It represents about 8% by weight and 30% by volume of all waste [1]. Storage is becoming increasingly difficult. Burning of such waste results in an increased emissions of toxic substances. Getting into the atmosphere, these substances pose a serious threat to the environment and human health. Most plastics do not biodegrade or decompose very slowly. Objects made of polymeric materials need 100 to 1000 years to decompose [2].

Re-use of waste plastics is the best method of removing them from the environment. This is the best and most responsible solution.

Plastic products, even at the end of their life cycle, retain their value as raw materials and are simply too valuable to be thrown away. Full use of waste materials in the processes of recycling and energy recovery, using the best available environmentally friendly technologies would lead to the reduction of CO2 emissions in Europe by 9 million tones/year[3].

Falter company, by implementing a number of innovations, also wants to be a leader in the sense of responsibility for the environment.

Collect a minimum of 50 pieces, and we will arrange transportation for you.
For the models indicated in the shipping document, we will pay 1 gross EURO per piece.

The procedure is very simple:


Collect a minimum of 50 cartridges.


Put them in a plastic bag and pack into a box.
Please note: maintenance tanks needs to be double secured with a tight bag so that they do not leak during the transport.


Generate your free transport document Shipping document


Within 3 days after filling out the questionnaire you will receive an email with the transport document, print it out and stick it on the package.


On the next business day after receipt of the e-mail, a shipping company employee will pick up your parcel.


Once we receive your cartridges we check them and issue a voucher for all the cartridges which can be reused. This voucher can be used on shopping at or settled with current orders.

If you do not have that many cartridges and want to get involved in the environmental program, you can return them at your own expense to:

Falter Sp. z o.o.
ul. Poznańska 69, 62-045 Pniewy/Poland

[1] Iwona Stachurek: Problems with the biodegradation of plastics in the environment, zeszyty naukowe Wyż-szej Szkoły Zarządzania Ochroną Pracy w Katowicach, Nr 1(8)/2012
[3] Prognos i inni, 2009